Red River Technical Vocational Area (RRTVA)

The Red River Technical Vocational Area is a partnership of five southern Manitoba school divisions devoted to providing technology education options to high school students in the region.

Students attending Northlands Parkway Collegiate can apply for vocational programs with the RRTVA.

To learn more about the RRTVA, please visit their website at the link below

Students are usually registered in RRTVA programs for grades 10, 11, & 12, but still are required to complete their compulsory courses required by the Manitoba government for graduation. The students take all of their required courses in one semester and then take the RRTVA program in the other semester.

The RRTVA is an option for students to obtain elective credits in a career field that they may be interested in. These programs not only offer career options and hands on learning opportunities, but many transferable skills for life.
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If you are interested in taking an RRTVA program, apply and submit your RRTVA Intent Form to the office. There is a priority system with preference given to older students. There is also a wait list, so even if you don't get into your program in grade 10, if you applied that year, you will have priority over other students if you apply again in grade 11. Most programs are now two levels, so it's possible to start a program in grade 11 or 12 and finish the program. (Those who start their program in grade 12 can come back after graduation and finish their program for free).


High School Apprenticeship Program

The HSAP encourages high school students (age 16+ and enrolled in school) to begin their apprenticeship training. If you are working in a trade-related job, you could also earn credits. (Yes, you can be PAID and earn CREDITS!) Students can earn up to 8 grade 12 (elective) credits for graduation based on 110 working hours per credit. These hours also count towards apprenticeship... Work must be approved by school and HSAP coordinator before counting hours and credits. HSAP credits may also help pay for future training! Please see your guidance counsellor OR contact NPC's High School Apprenticeship Coordinator for more information:
Reg Toews
High School Apprenticeship Program
Ph. 204-304-0985
[email protected]


Apprenticeship in Manitoba

Apprenticeship is quality, low-cost, post-secondary training that leads to certification as a journeyperson in a skilled trade. However, unlike university or college, where YOU PAY for your entire education, as an apprentice YOU GET PAID to learn. Most trade programs take approximately 2-4 years to complete and they combine approximately 80% paid-on-the job training with 20% technical/in-school learning. When you register, remember to let them know that you would like to use your HSAP credits to pay for your technical training. Two credits (220 hours) pay for one level of post-secondary training.

Apprenticeship Manitoba